Mind Blowing Sales and Marketing Strategy to Sell Lots More Stuff

Need a sales and marketing strategy that will turn your business upside down? You’ve come to the right place. There are lots of small things that you could do today that will help increase your business. You could contact other non-related businesses, send out a database marketing campaign, or much more. The strategy I’m going to be talking about is something that every business needs to have implemented. If you aren’t using it yet, you are missing out on a lot of extra cash.

What’s this magic sales and marketing strategy? It’s simple really. Offer upsells when you are selling a product/service. An upsell is a promotion you give when you have a buyer. Let’s say they are buying a laptop computer from your store. Offering them a special package deal which includes the computer, a free virus program, and super duty carrying case for a special price is an upsell. I told you it was simple.

Every business can implement upsells. Why does this work so well? It’s because the buyer has already put their trust into you and the fire inside is hot. They have the need and know they must fill it with your product. You’ve already beaten the tough part. Now, just saying a simple statement could double your profit.

Teach your staff to use upsell statements as soon as they are closing. Make them do it every time. Even just a little extra item means more money in your pocket. There are an endless amount of upsells you could offer. They are a sure way to make your business more money though.

Only by mentioning the other products or services that you could provide will increase the revenue you are pulling in each month. It’s a very simple way to increase your profits because there is always someone out there who will accept the upsell and hand you that much more money.

You should always be testing your upsells just like you would your advertising strategies. Some items are going to do better than others when it comes to upsells. This of course will be the case with any sales and marketing strategy. When one upsell isn’t doing well, try another. Add big package deals that make the buyer think this is an offer they can’t refuse. You could even offer it as a one time price. “Purchase this package NOW for a discount of 15%”.

Business Success Model – What You Need For Your Business to Thrive

In order for a business to be successful it needs three things: 1) a good product or service, 2) good marketing, and 3) good processes and management. I call this the Business Success Model™.

If any of these are weak, or worse, not present altogether, then the business struggles to survive and will not be able to move into Thrival. Many businesses, especially small businesses and start-ups, concentrate their time, energy, and resources on the first two “legs” of this model: product or service and marketing. They neglect the business management side of the equation.

The business management “leg” includes the infrastructure and systems of the business, the financial and accounting system, AND the personnel managing or running the business. All of these have to be established and functioning.

The attitudes of the management personnel have to be one of thriving before the business itself can thrive. This is especially important when the business is an entrepreneurship, a professional practice, or a small business. In these cases, the owner IS the business. Whatever is happening in their life has a direct impact on their business. They therefore, need to be doing personal development work to maintain their self-empowerment and to be in a position of strength for their business. This doesn’t preclude executives or other managers from this need. Their decisions and their life also affects the business where they work.

All business decisions effect the financial statements of the business. If the business doesn’t know how much and where the money comes from, what it costs to get it, how much it costs to be in business, and importantly, how much money it kept, the business can’t thrive. It is by understanding the financial statements the impact of business decisions can be seen.

I have seen many small businesses fail because they don’t understand their financial statements, not because they didn’t have a good idea or even good customers and marketing. (The financial statements and accounting are really for much more than paying taxes at the end of the year!)

The last portion of the Business Management “leg” is the infrastructure and systems of the business. To conduct business with efficiency, written policies, procedures, and forms need to be instituted. A solid framework of systems and policies holds up and supports the money producing activities of the business. As you can see, the Business Management “leg” of the model is essential to the Thrival of your business.

What Does it Take to Start and Run a Business?

Because you cannot get along with your boss and you have some cash in the bank to begin a business does not mean that it is the best thing to do for you. The truth is that owning a business is not for everyone. Not every person is made out to be an entrepreneur. Owning a business requires skill, aptitude and the right temperament.

Before running head-over-heels into your first entrepreneurial venture you should take time to analyze who you are. When you invest your energy, time, and money in a business, you want a good return and therefore need to make sure that you have what it takes. While many entrepreneurs and small business owners make good money, there is no guarantee that you will do also.

Having a business means that you will have to confront your fears and handle a lot of trials. It is not without risks. To find out whether running your own business is for you, start small. If doable start part time. If you start part time you can test the waters and see if you really want to have your own business on the long run.

Owning a small business requires you to have the appropriate skills and personality. If you lack skills in a certain area, then you need to make adjustments and take some courses to beef up on your weak areas. There are many reasons for small business failure. However, if you possess most of the following skills and traits the chances of success will increase significantly:

Are You a Self Starter?

If you are a self-starter you have a better chance of making it. Owning a business can be lonesome because you do not always have people that you can discuss problems with. You need to be able to take initiative to get things going and not rely on others to do it for you. This ability is especially important during the start-up phase.

Good People Skills are Important.

Even though you don’t have to work with your boss or colleagues when you have your own business, you still are dealing with a lot of different people. That requires you to possess good people skills. People you probably deal with are business partners, customers, bankers, employees, contractors, accountants, lawyers, or other vendors in your industry. You need to be able to develop good rapport with a diverse group of people. Reputation is important in life in general, but especially when you are a business owner. Get along with people, and always aim for a win-win solution to business conflicts. That will go a long way in growing the business successfully.

Be a Decision Maker.

How are you when it comes to decision-making? Are you not afraid to make decisions? Your answer should be yes to that question as you can expect to be faced with situations that require you to make decisions quickly, efficiently, and independently. You need to be able to work through tough issues yourself and not be afraid to make decisions. Yes, you will make mistakes, but that is all part of learning.

Be Committed to Hard Work.

Running a business requires a lot of your time. You need to be able physically and emotionally 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Not all the time, but when business requires such a commitment you must to be willing to step up to the plate and be there. If you are a family-oriented person, you will at times have to sacrifice family time. Research studies show that the first few years of the business are the most crucial as the business interferes with personal relationships. Even though your business will require total commitment at times, you must learn to balance personal and business. When things are slower make up for lost time with family and friends.

Set Goals and Objectives.

Do you set goals? If not, take some courses and learn how to plan and set goal and how to work toward them efficiently. You have heard the saying: “Failing to plan means planning to fail.” A poor business plan or one with no plan at all, leads to business failure. Don’t rush into things without a strong and well designed plan.

As an entrepreneur you need to have perseverance and have a lot of patience. Do not fall for all the promotions that promise a quick get rich scheme. During these tough economic times you see more of these than ever, especially in internet marketing and MLM businesses. Do not fall for those slick sales pitches and do not rush too quickly into the next promising business opportunity. Success comes through hard work, commitment and good management. It also will take time. There is no short cut to success no matter what others say.