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Basic Aspects While Choosing a Business Location

Every new business or firm needs a strong capital backup and help with cost in terms of grants, equipment, loans, reduced charges and discounted premises to establish their existence in the market.

A business startup without considering expertise business advice and a superior strategy can take your business to a worst situation. Choosing an ideal business location can be one of the major decisions while selecting a location for business. A bad location can affect productivity and efficiency of a business.

What are the major aspects that should be taken while purchasing a location? Before investing in location, you have to carefully judge what your business needs are. This one step focuses your search and minimizes needless inquiries.

Your staff should not expect to travel long distances every day to come to work, Give it a thought while taking into consideration, which is far from the main city or ports. A long move will not go over very well with recruited staff

There is also some great number of situations and causes why a business might need to relocate or find a new location. An expanding business firm may need a new location for business growth or to set up a division in a different location.

Business firms facing uncompetitive costs in business may have to find a cheaper location. Some of the features that must take into account while selecting a business location or while moving to a new office location are:

1.) Communication is decisive factor for every business company. Bad infrastructure availability can affect the business infrastructure in different way. A firm engaged in importing or exporting goods prefers an area close from good road links and ports. Choose your business location by considering distance of locations from ports and major population centers.

2.) A business location with better support of funding and investment is an ideal business location for them, if help with costs is a key consideration while choosing a suitable location.

3.) An area with lesser number of job opportunities can also affect business prospective and goals.

4.) If the area is adapted to the needs of your business area then everything should become easier to set up and run a business.

5.) An office location near to the universities and other educational institutes always get a huge advantage over others. This could be the major feature for a successful business.

6.) You cannot either neglect future benefits while choosing location for business. A good indicator of a location strategy is the development that are being constructed or planned in the area.

7.) Quality of life is a wide and subjective matter to explain. The quality of life in their area can be estimate in terms of housing, schooling, culture, recreational activities, alternative energy and environmentally-friendly facilities. It can help you to get a better and productive staff.

You have just read some very useful points here about choosing a business location for your business. Do keep these points in mind while selecting a business location. These points can surely help you to locate a perfect business location. This process will allow any business owner to define what is important to consider before selecting a location.

The MonaVie Business Opportunity – Tips to Build Your MonaVie Business

Did you know that over 90% of the people who start a business venture with MonaVie fail and end up giving up within their first year? Don’t get me wrong, you can put a lot of money in your pocket with the MonaVie business opportunity but you can lose a lot of money as well. In fact, over 90% of the people who get involved in MLM period end up spending more money than they ever get back in return.The biggest problems when trying to build a MLM business is that you must be generating leads on a consistent basis and have a steady flow of income to keep your business in the profit zone.

This is where a lot of network marketing entrepreneurs go wrong when they are trying to build their business. They are usually taught the traditional marketing strategies that usually invite frustration and rejection. They try building their business chasing friends and family, using the three foot rule, cold calling and holding meetings.What we all have to realize is that when you start any type of business opportunity is that it is in a fact just that. A BUSINESS. So we have to ask ourselves, what do businesses do to stay profitable? They market and promote their business so that they have customers coming to them.

We have to leverage the right tools that will give you the best results for our time. The best tool for any network marketing business today is the internet and knowing how to market effectively online. If you have a website or blog, this means you’re open for business 24/7 because interested prospects can find you and your business opportunity at all times. Network marketing entrepreneurs often use their replicated site that their company gives them. How does this set you apart from all the other reps in your company and why should someone join YOU? This website doesn’t brand you at all, it doesn’t put you in control, and rarely works to build someones business.

You want a website that brands YOU and YOUR business. Prospects care more about who you are, who they are partnering up with and how you can help THEM succeed. Knowing how to leverage the internet with the most powerful online marketing strategies will bring massive traffic to your site all day every day to where you are generating an endless amount of leads and putting more money into your business faster than you ever could using the traditional marketing methods mentioned above. When you do this for your business you will simply destroy the competition.

You can also offset costs like your autoship by implementing a funded proposal into your Monavie business. A lot of network marketers leave massive profits on the table when trying to build their MLM business over the internet by just promoting their primary company. There are ways of opening up multiple streams of income where you could be cashing multiple checks every month while others are just counting on their commission check from their primary business.

So what can you do to be profitable with the MonaVie business opportunity right now? Set up a website that brands you, gain the knowledge of how to leverage the internet with the most powerful marketing techniques that the top producers in the industry are using to generate an endless amount of leads every day and open up multiple income streams. This way you can make instant cash flow to fund your business growth and to offset any marketing costs that you may have. If you implement these tips into your business you will see unlimited business growth and much deserved success.

If you are tired of all the unfulfilled promises and not getting the results that you know are obtainable in your business, and you want to learn REAL STRATEGIES that can dramatically increase your traffic and profitability, go ahead and follow the links below.

Business Credit – Top 10 Myths

Building business credit is one of the greatest opportunities for small business owners. It provides our business with the ability to obtain financing for unforeseen expenses, operations, expansion costs and investments.

There’s so much going on with corporate credit that there are several different fields devoted to servicing it, including business credit cards, small business loans, accounts receivable factoring, merchant account cash advance, lines of credit, equipment financing, secured/unsecured loans and many others.

These types of financing have been around for a long time, so you’d think that by now we would know all there is to know about corporate credit. After years of studying and applying every aspect of it, there are still many facets that remain secretive. And because it is so complex, we tend to simplify information about how it works in order to make it more understandable.

This has resulted in many myths about building business credit. Let’s look at the top 10 myths that have been circulating about business credit, beginning with, of all things, its starting line.

10: Sole proprietorships can establish corporate credit

A sole proprietorship is not considered a separate legal structure. Instead, it is considered a personal extension of you so you don’t have any protection from them. So every time you apply for credit for your business you will need to supply your social security number as the number that identifies your business.

As a result you are responsible for all debts and agreements you enter into in the name of your business; you’re also on the hook for all of your partners actions in the name of your business as well.

9: Using personal credit for business has no effect on the corporate veil

When you use your personal credit for the benefit or operation of your company it can lead to an “alter-ego” decision by regulatory or a financial organization, and a piercing of the corporate veil. This would directly endanger the owners personal assets and make the owner or owners directly liable for the penalties or repayment of any debts incurred by the business or corporation.

8: Obtain unlimited business credit for real estate investing

There are certain industries like real estate investing that are flagged as a high risk with the business credit bureaus. If you plan on investing in real estate then you will want to make sure that the company you are building corporate credit for is not “real estate investing”. Most banks will automatically turn you down because your company is operating in a high risk industry. You still will be able to invest in real estate but you may have to set up a business that does business development, business management, business consulting, marketing & advertising, training and development, etc. and then operate your real estate investing from a separate division of the company.

7: Credit repair is illegal and cannot be done.

False. Consumers have every right to repair their own credit in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you choose to use a credit repair company be sure to verify its track record with the BBB. Also, if you are paying for the service before it’s rendered make sure the company is in compliance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). *Non Profits and Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSO) are exempt from CROA.

6: All vendors, suppliers and lenders report to the business credit bureaus

Not true! There are over a half a million vendors and suppliers that are willing to extend vendor lines of credit to your business but less than six thousand of these companies report to the business bureaus. What’s even more alarming is not all of these companies report on a monthly basis either. Some only report to the business bureaus once every six months!

5: All business credit cards report to the business credit bureaus

Currently there are over five hundred business credit cards in the marketplace but less than forty will issue a card without requiring a personal credit check or personal guarantee. These select cards report solely to the business bureaus and not your personal credit reports.

4: Every business has a business profile with the business credit bureaus

A Dun & Bradstreet profile requires that a business owner first apply for a DUNs number and submit their business information. Corporate Experian and Small Business Equifax create a business profile report for your company once a lender or supplier that you have payment experience with submits a data record. There are many other business bureaus that require business owners to complete a registration process prior to creating a profile.

3: Buy a shelf corporation and get all the business credit you’ll ever need

Shelf corporations provide certain advantages when it comes to obtaining credit simply from the fact that a business that is five years old has a much greater influence to a lender than a business that’s been in business for a few months.

With that said a shelf corporation alone will not enable you to obtain all the credit you need because there are many other factors that are taken into consideration. For example, if you have a ten year old shelf corporation that needs a $100k business line of credit a bank will need to view your company’s bank rating, balance history, financials, tax returns, profit & loss statements and so on.

2: All you need is a strong paydex score to qualify for a business line of credit

While a strong business credit file does play a part in qualifying banks look at many other factors. This includes your bank rating, balance rating, NSF track record and personal credit scores.

1: All you need is an 80 paydex score to get unlimited business financing

This by far is one of the biggest myths in business credit because an 80 paydex score with Dun & Bradstreet is said to be like having a 720 personal credit score. While that may be true to some degree there are some important details that many fail to mention. For example, you can have four positive trade references reporting with $200 being the highest credit limit on all four accounts and still score an 80 paydex.

This is because DNB’s rating system requires a minimum of four positive trade references but if the four you have are small limits then this hardly qualifies your business to get approved for thousands of dollars of cash credit, lease credit and business lines of credit.

In addition, having only a DNB file is like having only one personal credit file with the credit reporting agencies. Let’s say all you have is a personal credit file with Equifax but have no file with Transunion or Experian. You would never be able to get approved for a mortgage because you don’t have a completed financial picture for lenders to review your creditworthiness.

This holds true for your business as well. In order to show a complete credit picture for your company then you will need to have a profile with the three main business bureaus.

Now that you know the myths surrounding the corporate credit industry I encourage you to share this information with other small business owners and put your company on the path to corporate credit success!