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Mind Blowing Sales and Marketing Strategy to Sell Lots More Stuff

Need a sales and marketing strategy that will turn your business upside down? You’ve come to the right place. There are lots of small things that you could do today that will help increase your business. You could contact other non-related businesses, send out a database marketing campaign, or much more. The strategy I’m going to be talking about is something that every business needs to have implemented. If you aren’t using it yet, you are missing out on a lot of extra cash.

What’s this magic sales and marketing strategy? It’s simple really. Offer upsells when you are selling a product/service. An upsell is a promotion you give when you have a buyer. Let’s say they are buying a laptop computer from your store. Offering them a special package deal which includes the computer, a free virus program, and super duty carrying case for a special price is an upsell. I told you it was simple.

Every business can implement upsells. Why does this work so well? It’s because the buyer has already put their trust into you and the fire inside is hot. They have the need and know they must fill it with your product. You’ve already beaten the tough part. Now, just saying a simple statement could double your profit.

Teach your staff to use upsell statements as soon as they are closing. Make them do it every time. Even just a little extra item means more money in your pocket. There are an endless amount of upsells you could offer. They are a sure way to make your business more money though.

Only by mentioning the other products or services that you could provide will increase the revenue you are pulling in each month. It’s a very simple way to increase your profits because there is always someone out there who will accept the upsell and hand you that much more money.

You should always be testing your upsells just like you would your advertising strategies. Some items are going to do better than others when it comes to upsells. This of course will be the case with any sales and marketing strategy. When one upsell isn’t doing well, try another. Add big package deals that make the buyer think this is an offer they can’t refuse. You could even offer it as a one time price. “Purchase this package NOW for a discount of 15%”.